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Styling a Minimalist Jewelry Necklace? Here is How to Go About It!

Minimalist Necklaces are ideal jewelry to style fashion simple and elegant for every occasion. Let's find how to do it.

Want to upgrade your jewelry collection? Feel like adding pieces that are unique, elegant, and classy?

We all do. Jewelry is a vital part of a sophisticated persona. And picking the right items can make or break a look.

With a good necklace, you can create a timeless look, and make yourself look like a movie star. Or, you can follow a modest approach with a flirty look!

Today, we’ll help you with both. We’ll discuss the best necklace upgrades you can try!

Triple Circle Necklaces in 14K Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled and Sterling Silver for Minimalist Fashion look elegant, Shokoro Handmade, Minimalist Jewelry Canada

Why Necklaces?

They’re the most visible jewelry item you can get, and most jewelry you get will complement the necklace.

The right necklace allows you a variety of choices. Whether you wear a bar necklace or a golden bracelet, the options are endless!

But let’s start with the first…

Minimalist Gold / Sterling Silver Bar Necklaces, Chevron V Necklace,  Curbed Necklaces, Small Bar Necklace, Simple Large Crescent Moon  Pendant

#1 – Bar Necklaces

Bar necklaces come with a basic pendant. You get a bar-shaped pendant attached to a thick golden chain.

These necklaces are perfect for an elegant but not flashy look. In fact, you can try many necklaces with this style, and not risk an excessive appearance.

Bar necklaces are also customizable. So you can engrave whatever symbol you wish on the pendant!

Shokoro Handmade Stylish Chains for Everyday Jewelry, Our Chain Selections are Box, Snake, Loop, Link, Diamond Shaped, Rolo, Cable, Ball, Figaro Chains for minimal fashion

#2 – Chain Necklaces

They provide a classic minimalist look. With a chain necklace, you get an excellent wardrobe addition that matches whatever you wear.

Chain necklaces have another pro. They can be layered without fuss. Buy a couple, and stack them for an attractive look!

Genuine Natural Chocolate Moon Stone Briolette Pendant in 14k Gold Filled Cable Chain on a Woman who is wearing Oak and Fort White Halter Top

Sterling Silver Large Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace with hammered texture, Shokoro Handmade, Celestial Jewelry Brand

#3 – Simple Pendant Necklace

Want a modest minimalist necklace? If so, this is for you.

This style uses small pendants with an oval/round or circular shape. It calls subtle attention to you, and in a classy manner.

These necklaces can also be engraved, making them a perfect starting minimalist necklace!

The celestial jewelry was very popular in 2021 and the trend will remain the same in 2022.

Diamond Shaped Special Link Chain for Necklace, Bracelet and Anklet , Everyday Chain Jewelry Brand, Shokoro Handmade

Shokoro Handmade, Sleek and Shiny Gold Plated Snake Chain  for everyday jewelry

#4 – Simple Chain Necklace

If pendants don’t match your taste, then try this.

Simple chains are beautiful and minimalistic. You can also layer them in a unique manner for a stylish appearance.

Plus, they fit well with almost all stud earrings imaginable!

Everlasting Solid Gold Every Eye Pendant Jewelry, Dainty Evil Eye Coin Necklace, Visit to find  our evil eye collection at Shokoro Handmade Crystal Jewelry Canada
Dainty Evil Eye Solid Gold Necklace

#5 – Solid Golden Bracelets

While they’re not necklaces, consider them the perfect upgrade to a minimalist collection.

They can also be layered, just like simple chain necklaces. And layering them will still give you an intense but simple look!

Solid gold bracelets are an excellent way to bring attention to your hands. This works even better if you own the rings to match!

And on the topic of rings…

#6 – Solid Golden Rings

Attracting looks with solid gold rings is quite easy. You can pick simple, minimalistic, but sizeable pieces.

Golden rings and bracelets also come with another advantage. There are multiple geometric options to pick from!

In fact, you can take that a step further and try bar rings – customizable with engravings too!

The Perfect Minimalist Look is Within Reach

Minimalist necklaces (and jewelry) are versatile. You can customize them to your heart’s content.

Plus, it’s more art than science. It’s all about subtly drawing attention. With minimalist jewelry, less gives more!

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