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Every piece of jewelry holds a place of significance in fashion and style, and necklaces are no exception. Necklaces, with their varying lengths and designs, bring a unique charm and elegance to any outfit. The necklace length plays a vital role in defining the overall appeal of the necklace and how it complements the wearer's attire and overall look.


Yet, despite its significance, many are unaware of the importance of necklace length, the existence of a necklace length chart, or even how to measure necklace length. This aspect of jewelry styling often goes overlooked and underestimated, leading to less than optimal fashion choices.

This article aims to shed light on the length of necklaces, their significance, and how to choose the perfect length for you. From the 14" collar to the 34" rope, each necklace length holds unique characteristics and styling opportunities. By understanding the different necklace lengths and their significance, you can enhance your style and make more informed jewelry choices.

Shokoro's Necklace Length Chart  with Name and Lengths cm/Inch
Necklace Length Chart

Understanding Necklace Length Chart

A Necklace Length Chart is a helpful tool for anyone looking to understand the different standard lengths of necklaces. It provides a detailed guide on the various necklace lengths, from the shortest, commonly known as a collar, to the longest, often referred to as a rope. Each length is specified in both inches and centimeters, catering to different measurement preferences.

The Necklace Length Chart is not just a list of measurements. It also provides an idea of how each necklace length would sit on an average person's body. For some, a princess length necklace might rest delicately on the collarbone, while for others, it may sit slightly lower. By referring to a necklace lengths chart, individuals can better predict how a necklace of a certain length will look on them.

Understanding the Necklace Length Chart is an essential step towards making informed necklace purchases. It helps eliminate surprises and ensures that the chosen piece of jewelry meets the wearer's expectations. After all, a necklace that sits perfectly around the neck can dramatically enhance the wearer's style and confidence.

Why Necklace Length is Important?

Necklace length is not just a matter of preference or style. It plays a significant role in complementing the wearer's attire, accentuating their features, and even conveying personal style and taste. The length of a necklace can change the entire look of an outfit, making it either a statement piece or a subtle complement to the attire.

Different necklace lengths cater to different necklines, outfits, and occasions. A choker might be perfect for a casual outing, while an opera length necklace might be better suited for a formal event. By understanding the importance of necklace length, you can choose the perfect necklace for any occasion.

Moreover, necklace length can also be a matter of comfort. A necklace that is too tight may feel restrictive, while one that is too long might feel cumbersome. Choosing the right necklace length ensures not only a great look but also a comfortable wearing experience.

The Different Necklace Lengths and Their Significance

14" / 36cm Collar

The collar necklace, measuring 14 inches or 36 centimeters, sits tightly around the neck. This necklace length is perfect for off-shoulder, boat neck, or strapless outfits. It draws attention to the neck and can be a statement piece when paired with simple attire.

16" / 41cm Choker

The choker, slightly longer than the collar, sits high on the neck. This 16-inch or 41-centimeter necklace length is versatile and can complement many different outfits and necklines. It's a classic choice that can range from casual to formal based on the design.

18" / 46cm Princess

The princess length necklace, measuring 18 inches or 46 centimeters, is a popular choice for many. It sits just below the throat and works well with a variety of necklines. This necklace length is excellent for showcasing a pendant or charm.

20" / 51cm Matinee

The matinee necklace, at 20 inches or 51 centimeters, sits a bit longer, reaching the collarbone or a bit below. This necklace length offers a sophisticated look, making it suitable for business or casual wear, but also for more formal settings.

24" / 61cm Matinee

This variant of the matinee necklace is longer, reaching below the neckline. This 24-inch or 61-centimeter necklace length creates a more dramatic effect, making it perfect for layering with shorter necklaces.

30" / 76cm Opera

The opera necklace, measuring 30 inches or 76 centimeters, offers a length that reaches the breastbone or even below. This necklace length provides elegance and sophistication, perfect for formal wear or to dress up a casual outfit.

34" / 86cm Rope

The longest standard necklace length is the rope, measuring 34 inches or 86 centimeters. It can be worn as a single long strand or doubled for a layered look. This necklace length offers a range of styling options, making it a versatile choice for many styles and occasions.

The Necklace Length Guide for Dainty Jewelry

Dainty jewelry necklaces are delicate and subtle, making them perfect for everyday wear or layering with other pieces. Yet, choosing the right length for dainty jewelry necklaces can be challenging due to their delicate nature.

For a single dainty necklace, a princess length (18 inches) often works well as it sits just below the collarbone, making it visible with most necklines. When layering dainty necklaces, consider choosing necklaces of different lengths for a tiered effect. This could include a choker (16 inches), a princess (18 inches), and a matinee (20 inches) for a balanced and stylish look.

Tips for Styling Necklaces of Different Lengths

Styling necklaces of different lengths can create a unique and personal look. Here are some tips to do it effectively:

  • Consider Your Neckline:

The neckline of your outfit plays a significant role in deciding the length of the necklace. For instance, a collar or choker works best with a strapless or off-shoulder dress, while a princess or matinee length necklace complements a V-neck or scoop neck top.

  • Layer Up: 

Don't be afraid to layer necklaces of different lengths. You can create a stylish and unique look by layering a choker, a princess, and a matinee length necklace.

  • Balance Is Key:

When wearing multiple necklaces of different lengths, ensure that each piece gets its time to shine. Avoid wearing necklaces of the same length together as they may tangle or overshadow each other.

  • Mix and Match: 

  1. Mix and match different styles and materials. Combine a dainty gold choker with a chunky silver matinee necklace for a chic and modern look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Necklace Lengths

Frequently Asked Questions about Necklace Lengths

How to Measure Necklace Lengths?

To measure necklace lengths, lay the necklace flat and straight. Use a flexible measuring tape and measure from the clasp to the end of the necklace. Ensure that the necklace is not twisted or curved during measurement.

What is the Average Necklace Length?

The average necklace length for women is typically between 16 to 20 inches, which includes choker, princess, and matinee lengths.

How to Choose Necklace Length?

Choosing necklace length depends on various factors, including the neckline of your outfit, your neck size, and your personal style. Consider these factors and refer to a necklace length chart to make an informed decision.

What is a Good Necklace Length?

A good necklace length is one that complements your outfit, accentuates your features, and feels comfortable to wear. This may vary from person to person based on personal preference and style.

How to Adjust Necklace Lengths?

Necklace lengths can be adjusted by adding or removing links, or by using an adjustable clasp. It's recommended to seek professional help when adjusting necklace lengths to ensure the integrity of the necklace.

Why Do You Need So Many Necklaces?

Having a variety of necklaces, especially in different lengths, allows you to experiment with different styles and looks. It gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect necklace for any outfit or occasion.


Understanding necklace lengths and their significance is crucial in making the right jewelry choices. With this comprehensive guide, you now know how to measure necklace length, the importance of necklace length, and how to style necklaces of different lengths. So, go ahead and explore your jewelry box or our jewelry collection, and experiment with different necklace lengths to find the perfect style for you.

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