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Sometimes, minimalist jewelry makes the biggest statement. At Shokoro Handmade, We offer exquisite minimalist jewelry inspired from nature and celestial images such as starfish, the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars. Our minimalist jewelry makes lovely gifts for her when you want to give them something pretty and delicate that makes an impression.

We dedicate to find the highest quality of genuine natural gemstones worldwide to use in crafting our special and unique jewelry. Additionally, one of our highlight, you'll find options of many high quality chains like cable, paper clip, curb, rolo, ball and flat cable chains that are available in 14k gold filled, sterling silver and gold plated material.


One of Shokoro's most popular minimalist jewelry collections, little sun and starry moon necklace series. The necklace features diamond-cut clear crystals that twinkle brightly at different angles. This eye-catching minimalist jewelry is a showstopper, proving that a necklace doesn't have to be large and loud to create a statement.


How to become a minimalist? Yes, Our handmade hammered pendant in 24k gold vermeil and sterling silver are perfect for you.  These items are high quality and affordable for developing your fashion style.  

If you're looking for lovely minimalist jewelry, please shop online at Shokoro Handmade and get in touch if you have any questions.

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