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Garnet: The Ultimate Guide to January Birthstone

What is Garnet?

Garnet is no stranger to humankind, referenced in Greek Mythology to the Bible itself. Commonly found in shades of red, ruby, and maroon, in recent years, the full spectrum of this gemstone's colors has been revealed to go from yellow and orange to even green. It is also known as the official gemstone of those born in January, the zodiac of Aries and Capricorn while being popular with fire signs.

The Promise Of Protection

Associated originally with the hope for a safe return, Garnet represents the powerful pomegranate seeds given to Persephone to guarantee her return back to Hades. This should be no surprise considering that even the name of the gemstone is derived from the Greek word “Granatium” which means seed or grain, referencing the seeds of the pomegranate to which its appearance resembles.

An Amulet For Your Life Force

This story in Greek mythology is simply one in many where Garnet signifies hope and wish of the guarantee of life itself, where one wishes another a safe return. From a larger perspective, is a whole journey that one wishes that their loved one can move through and return safely. This is the intention one would hold when gifting Garnet to a loved one.

Commonly found in a blood red colour, this gemstone is known historically to connect to the heart, improve blood circulation and offer more vitality and protection to one’s life. Historically, many kings and warriors have inlaid their shields and swords with Garnet as an amulet of protection. It has also been believed to offer more intentional damage and wounding, as Kashmiri warriors have used bullets inlaid with garnet to bring worse wounding of their enemy during battle.

The Fire To Live, Love & Seek

Garnet connects to one’s base chakras, reenergizing all, to offer one grounding in their reality and their body, sensitizing them to their vitality. Known to bring one back to reality in a helpful manner this gemstone reconnects one with their power realistically.

Garnet is known to work especially well with the sacral chakra. Not only does it offer healing to the womb, but it connects you to your creativity and your sensual self. This gemstone reignites your ability to create with passion while reigniting your thirst for life.

In fact, this reconnection with your creativity and sensual self is why Garnet is often also used to bring one’s sexual being to life. Another name for Garnet is Kuldani fire if we look through Hindu Mythology. This represents the fire of eternal metamorphosis, which brings forward the wisdom of living. It is the inner fire and love force itself, which drives us forward to find what makes us feel alive. Garnet is not only a symbol of love then, but a gemstone holding the energetic intention to grasp life fully by the reins to experience it.

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