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Birthstone Bracelets in 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver

Crystal Bracelets with Paper Clip, Cable or Rolo Chain

We have finally started adding our Birthstone Bracelets Collection. Our gemstone pieces are high quality with natural stones which we collected from all over the world.

Charm Bracelet in Gold or Silver

We offer 3 types of Crystal Birthstone Bracelets. at first, We have released Dainty Bracelet with high quality gold filled or silver chain. As you see the photo above, these are very delicate Jewelry. Choice of Chain Style, Materials, Length from 6.5" to 8". 1.5 inch-long pretty Circle Extender Chain with Ball Chain End. This beautiful gemstone connector is 12 x 7 mm long including two loops. We highly recommend not to wear tight for this bracelet because This is very thin chain and sensitive for pressure. Our bracelets have a split ring ( spiral ring ) to secure a joint which is used most for attaching a bracelet on.

We will plan to have a collection of Crystal Bracelets :

  • with metal chain like this collection

  • with stretchy fibre for beaded bracelet

  • with beaded bracelet with metal findings

Subscribe to receive our blog post, some of our Jewelry collections are rare find and few stocks. Some of our stone necklaces have an option of Rose Gold Jewelry for chain which makes fashion style looks elegant and special.

Gemstones Variety for our Birthstone Bracelets

We have just started adding this collection. Variety of this styled Jewelry is:

  • Red Ruby ( Colour Enhanced ) : well known as July Birthstone, has beautiful vivid colour

  • Purple Amethyst: February Birthstone, absolutely stunning violet colour and loved from many

  • Emerald ( Colour Enhanced ): May Birthstone, excellent bright Green

  • Blue Topaz: November, December Birthstone ( only Sterling Silver is available and few stocks ) It is clear Aqua colour

Future Gemstones: Smoky Quartz, Labradorite, Black Onyx, Rose Quartz and Chalcedony.

Note: There is a colour variety from light to dark as this is a natural gemstone product.

Natural Gemstone Bracelets with high quality gold and silver materials

Sterling Silver Emerald May Birthstone Fine Jewelry Bracelet

Shokoro Handmade is a Birthstones / Crystals Jewelry Store located in North America, Dainty NAtural Gemstone Bracelet in 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Bracelet with rolo, paper clip or cable chain is one of Shokoro's minimal jewelry collections, There are many stones to choose like red ruby, amethyst, emerald, smoky quartz, labradorite, Chalcedony and blue topaz

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Website: Shokoro Handmade (Celestial, Minimalist, Crystal Jewelry Brand Toronto Canada )

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