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Amethyst Crystals Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits of The Purple Birthstone

February Birthstone, Healing Crystal Amethyst Cluster

The Purple Stone For Spirit Itself

Amethyst forges the connection to the higher world, also considered divinity in many cultures. Historically this stone has been associated with spiritual overtones of divinity and the healing of suffering itself. These crystals' shades of purple, mauve and plum are all known to signify one’s spirit, and the waking mind.

Beautiful woman is meditation with white flower on her hands, Healing Crystal Rings support her spirityality

The Wisdom Of Purpose & Presence

In fact, the name of this gemstone comes from the ancient Greek word “Amethystos” which means not intoxicated. The Greeks understood this gemstone to protect them from intoxication itself. This belief is carried on by later populations too if we consider worldly matters an intoxication in itself.

One is present in their waking mind and connected to their spirit itself, one can align themselves with more ease and clarity to their spiritual path, especially when it comes to curbing their desires. Many Christians associate this gemstone with the journey of Christ, the purification of his life.

Amethyst Crystal, bunch of dried white sage, palo santos are on a tray for healing mind and clear spiritual ity

A Balance That Restores & Heals

It is the acknowledgement and connection of one's higher wisdom that offers one perspective in life. Perspective grants us patience, compassion and strength when it comes to journeying through life. Amethyst offers a balance of the present and what we know, allowing us to make better-balanced decisions with a sense of calm.

A sober, calm and understanding mind allows one to seek rest and rejuvenation. This gemstone offers one energetic space to seek healing, introspection, and the sense of security needed when growing, through uncertain times. Considered to be a variety of purple quartz, this gemstone strengthens the third-eye chakra and crown chakra.

A Higher Self Of Compassion

Amethyst gives one the ability to seek internal and divine wisdom and allows one to look at life from a higher perspective that brings emotional clarity to their actions.

This connecting all of the higher chakras brings forward a higher consciousness that reminds us not to be trapped in the rules of the material world. This allows us to look past our ego and suffering to find safety in the divine itself. You can look past your ego's defense.

Young couple is dancing happily in a forrest

A Conductor of Love

Amethyst brings forward a connection to the higher world that offers trust, safety and compassion that allows people to make healthier decisions for themselves in the long run. Not only does it change our perception but gives us the patience to deal with the journey of purging our pain, anxiety and grief. This allows us to heal with more ease and support, as we learn to trust and integrate this wisdom into our life.

Recommended for those with anxiety, grief, anxiousness or lack of self-trust, it offers one emotional immunity from dark energy while creating space for self-love during stressful times. It helps bring one to a sense of calm and sleep better.

Together, these stones offer perfect properties for someone who is seeking a fulfilling life through connecting to themselves better, whether that be their passion, healing or having faith in themselves. While one offers the ability to integrate one’s intuition in healing and growing, the other provides the courage one needs to utilize their life force to build their ideal life.

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