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What Does The Ruby Crystal Symbolize?

What does Ruby Crystal good for? Let's find the meaning of Ruby Stone.

Ruby is one of precious stone which attract many people for decades. It is known as July Birthstone. Ruby Jewelry is ideal gift for someone who were born in the month.

The Royal Ruby

This blood-red ruby crystal is one of the four most sought precious gemstones in the world. Worn by royals, rulers and the wealthy in history, Ruby represented high status. Known for more than its beautiful appearance, the intensity of the power of this crystal is considered rare. Think of it like the inextinguishable flame of the sun itself.

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The Fire To Life

Connected to the base chakras, Ruby reignites the vitality of the whole body. It recharges and grounds our root chakra, increasing inner security and strength. By sparking our sacral and solar plexus chakras it connects us to our passion and creativity. It offers a reunion with one’s self as it makes the perfect concoction of energy that increases one’s drive to desire and live.

A Flame of Manifestation & Purpose

This powerful circulation of energy breaks through any blockages in your life. Ruby brings this prosperity of energy, by reigniting one’s connection with their power to bring confidence. It helps us to reduce our fear and brings us closer to our authentic selves, allowing us to feel protected in our abilities. This security brings us the clarity we need. It is a stone of courage of living one’s truth.

As it brings you back to the physicality of the body, it brings you closer to your needs whether that be security, pleasure or love. Ruby brings flaming hunger with it, to seek, to do more. It stimulates your power of fertility, increasing your stamina and your sex drive.

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