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Amethyst: All about February Birthstone, Your guide to Purple Crystal

Amethyst Crystal

Is your birth month February? Amethyst is the designated birthstone for those born in this month, in addition to being a very popular selection in honor of celebrating any birthday year-round. Gift amethyst as the designated 6th wedding anniversary gem to your beloved, sharing your love in pure color.

Exploring Amethyst

Enhancing your knowledge of amethyst and learning about its properties and folklore gives your bespoke amethyst jewelry added personal value. Whether you have a favourite amethyst ring, pair of amethyst earrings, or a loose amethyst stone, all amethyst jewelry is unique and captivating.

Raw Purple Amethyst Cluster


The name amethyst translates from the ancient Greek word amethystos, meaning to intoxicate. Greeks would wear amethyst to ward off drunkenness! Amethyst was said to give warriors extra strength to maintain mental clarity during battles and other tense situations requiring much-needed concentration. This powerful gem further aided them in overcoming enemies with its mesmerizing beauty.

Folklore & Legends

According to legends, amethyst was synonymous with Dionysus, the god of wine and intoxication, drawing this similarity from its rich wine-like shade. Amethyst was also once considered a very rare, precious gemstone–almost in high equal status to emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, exclusively available to royalty to wear and display on crowns. Truly special to own, high-ranking bishops would address the public wearing amethyst rings on their pinky fingers (GIA).

Woman who is wearing stylish silver rings is holding raw natural amethyst crystal, February birthstone

Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst is associated with the crown or head chakra, frequently used by metaphysical practitioners for spiritual cleansing. Amethyst helps with making better decisions for both the long and short term, meanwhile diminishing detrimental habits such as over-indulgence. Amethyst works well with other quartz varieties for metaphysical activities, opening a pathway between the divine and the wearer with enhanced clairvoyance and inner knowledge. Because amethyst folklore is always akin to alcohol, it is also known to increase mental clarity and heighten intuition when worn or carried in a sachet. Charging your amethyst on a windowsill bathed in moonlight renews its innate spiritual properties.

Amethyst Crystal Cluster with beautiful layer of stone

Amethyst Basics

This wondrous gem is distinctive in appearance with its sparkling lightest lilac to deep rich hues, perfect for those who adore the striking purple this incredible crystal displays. Amethyst is frequently heat-treated, evening out the color and saturation.

Amethyst is a common variety of the mineral family quartz, and is a sister stone to citrine (yellow), rose (pink), aventurine (green), rock crystal (colorless), to name a few. Amethyst can even come in an ametrine form–a stone featuring half purple and half yellow. Amethyst is also a relative to another mineral family of microcrystalline quartz, chalcedony. Some well-known chalcedony varieties include tiger’s eye, onyx, sardonyx, agate, etc.

Amethyst (quartz) is a silicate mineral and consists of one part silica and two parts oxygen (composition of SiO2). It is a part of the trigonal crystal system featuring striking six-sided prisms with smaller six-sided prisms forming on the ends of the crystals. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, sourced world wide, and found in different rocks.

Practical and durable: Amethyst rates 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it hard enough for everyday wear. Amethyst is available in different caratages, faceted shapes, buffed finish beads, cabochons, and fantasy cuts due to its incredible versatility as a jewelry-worthy gem.

Limitless stylistic possibilities! Amethyst can be strung on cords (as beads with drill holes), prong set, bezel set, pave set, channel/invisible set–-the design concepts are endless featuring this glistening purple gem as the centerstone or as side stones.

Shop Us for You Amethyst Jewelry

We love offering jewelry design featuring amethyst in all forms, bringing out the show-stopping intrigue of this prized quartz variety. We currently offer handmade amethyst connector bracelets and an amethyst raw slab/geode necklace. Make sure to check back often for imaginative custom creations featuring amethyst.

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