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Gold Filled Chain, 14K Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled, 925 Sterling Silver Available Now!

Finally, I could offer Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled and 925 Sterling Silver Chains for my Customer.

I introduce my New Chains and share my experience with my customer today. My process to chose all parts takes time to reach to as my works. First, I search everywhere until I collect many options. then I carefully check the product and company as well. I visit the company website to learn passion for their product. Next step, Order sample products but I order not only the parts which I am interested in. I order variety of their products so that I could check dedication for products. I usually narrow down to 3 or 4 companies but I order samples as much as I want. I finalized the parts I take for my work. when I use the parts as my new work, I again order the amount for my stock. Because of our world situation now, It takes longer time but I do not avoid this process to have the product I want my customer to have.

As a result, Guess what ? I have many sample parts left. now what ? This is secret. You will know When you order from my shop.

My new work "Circle Necklace". 24K Gold Vermeil, 18K Rose Gold Vermeil and 925 Sterling Silver Triple Circles Charm with Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled and 925 Sterling Silver Flat Cable. This style is my basic chain for necklace.

Add-on Extender chain for circle necklace

All parts are Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled or 925 Sterling Silver. Adjustable Extender is very useful and My customer enjoy the length. 1 Inch and 2 Inch extend.

14K Gold Filled Drawn Chain: This Chain is one of my favourite. It is Flat Cable but similar to Paper Clip Chain. It is available in Gold and Sterling Silver.

Rolo and Curb chain are gold plated but much better than flat cable chain which I stop using. I use flat cable chain from the company which make these roll and curb chain now. I had good conversation with one of my customers. and I monitor and tested all product which I received from same company. and I decided not to use anymore because It does not reach to my line. I learn and study a lot from my customers. Thank you very much for all customers who purchased my jewelry.

These Rolo and Curb are very thin, My Little Sun Necklace and Starry Starfish Necklace have these choice at Etsy Shokoro Design,

Please feel free to contact me for custom necklace for your jewelry.

Ball chain and other Designed Chains are available too


At Shokoro

Shokoro offer different styles of Jewelry, Minimalist, Celestial Moon Sun, Star, Vermeil, Evil Eye, Gemstone, Initials and more, Add-on Extender Chains and Pretty Gift Wrapping is also available.

Most of Jewelry come in a Jewelry Box, plus Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth


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