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Necklace Length Chart, Necklace Length at Shokoro

How to measure necklace chain length

Be aware of your neck size for purchasing Choker.

I am going to write about very important topic before making your jewelry purchase at Shokoro. This topic was came up from the experience which I had at Etsy Store, Shokoro Design last year. I have received a message from the customer who bought 14" and 15" Necklace which is Collar/Choker size. The Necklace did not fit them because too short. I had a same case twice last year.

I recommend one of the customers to purchase an extender chain. I offered discount price for her so that she feel better and I wanted her happy with the purchase. The other customer purchased for his wife but He has decided to give to his daughter. I hope that his daughter loves it.

We offer many different Chains and keep adding new chains so that customer enjoy creating own jewelry. From budget friendly, Gold Plated Chain to High Quality Gold Filled Chain. We offer 925 Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Jewelry as well.

We carry Paper Clip, Drawn Cable, Cable Chain, Rolo, Curb and Ball Chains now and will add Gold Filled Rolo Chain soon.

Jewelry Basics

Necklace Length Guide at Shokoro

At Etsy and my own website, Lists of necklace have this picture as a necklace Length guide so that I could lead my customer to pick right length for their purchase. This chart shows Necklace Length in Inch/Centimetre and the Placement for each length. This is very basic chart and I highly recommend to measure your neck around first. If your neck size is bigger than 14" you need to add an inch or more for your choker/collar size. You could use a string or your own necklace to compare to this chart.

Necklace length guide cm and inch

How Necklace is measured

14 inch / 36cm: Collar

This Necklace length is designed for tight look and we highly recommend to measure around your necklace before your jewelry purchase. This is must to do for this length so that You do not need to return the collar

16 inch necklace length / 41cm: Choker

This is very popular length of necklace called Choker, Yes! Most of Women know it and Again You need to measure around your neck carefully for this long. 15 in necklace length could be choker size for some people. could be 14 inch like me

18" / 46cm: Princess

Actually, This is the most popular length for necklace at Shokoro and our Etsy Store: Shokoro Design. ( 17 in is next popular size ). I love to wear 16in or 17in because I have very thin neck. It is depends on tops but These longs are perfect on my neck to show pretty charm.

20 in / 51cm: Matinee

This length called Matinee which is ideal size on wide opened outfits. It is good to have one for casual party.

24in / 61cm: Matinee (Just above of the bast line)

This necklace size goes over tops.

30in / 76cm: Opera

The position is just below the bast line.

34in / 86cm: Rope

Wrapped to sit on the centre of the bast, long necklace chain is not popular at Shokoro but I am sure there are many of this style on fashion magazine and it is fun to challenge on new style, Isn't it?

Necklace Measurement at Shokoro, In or Out !

Into the Length

The photo below, both of pendants ( Charms ) join in to the necklace length. at both Etsy ShokoroDesign and website Shokoro Handmade, I measure necklace length for these pendants like photo. I put the necklace straight to measuring tool. Measurement says "Necklace Length" not " Chain Length".

Shokoro carry many these styles, Please consider your size.

Out of the Length

The photo below, Pendants ( Charms ) do not join the necklace length. I measure necklace length as same as above.

24k Vermeil Gold Hammered Chevron Necklace

This photo shows Model Necklace Size 12" around and She is wearing 17" Necklace which the pendant join in to measurement.

925 Sterling Silver Hammered Mystic Moon Necklace

Model Neck 12" and She is wearing 16" long Necklace, Pendant is out of measurement.

24k Vermeil Gold Bar Necklace

Model Neck 12" and 16" long Necklace, the Pendant join in to the necklace length.

Good to Have One

Extender Chain

Attachable/detachable extender is ideal to add onto your necklace purchase. Most of Shokoro's customer who purchase necklace as gift add an

14K Gold filled/ Rose Gold filled / 925 Sterling Silver

extender chain to their items.

This 14k Gold Filled/ 925 Sterling silver/ Rose Gold Filled extender chain is attach and detachable so you could use for other your necklaces too. 1" and 2" adjustable.

At Shokoro, Most of Necklaces have the option to add this little beauty. It is very powerful supporter to make you enjoy different length. If you do not see the option, you could find it in a section of extender chain. You could click the photo above to check the page.

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