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What is Moonstone Good For?

A Guide to find the meaning of moonstone and what moonstone does for you

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The Power of The Moonstone, What is Moonstone Good for Your Energy?

Shimmery, translucent and reflective, this glowing crystal is connected to the moon. At one point in history, the Moonstone was considered a manifestation of solidified moonbeams of light and associated with many lunar deities. This healing crystal guides one like the moonbeam itself on a dark night.

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Lighthouse of Energy

Connecting to the third eye, and the solar plexus chakra, this crystal brings clarity of a higher perspective while also giving us better digestion of our reality and passion. This gives it the ability to create a balance that restores our mind and body. The Moonstone has long been favoured to connect with one’s intuitive mind and create energy for reflective healing, allowing one to learn their subconscious better.

Moonstone enhance energy of your feminine, Lucky gemstone crystal for women

Energize Your Feminine

This shimmery crystal holds the ability to enhance your feminine energy, allowing you to channel your intuitive, nurturing and creative energy. Moonstone strengthens the trust you have in yourself and your inner guidance while heightening your senses. Its soothing influence can help improve sleep cycles, and rest, offer emotional balance, and increase your perception and awareness to bring transformation in your life.

Moonstone brings true love to your life.

A Lucky Lover’s Amulet

What is Moonstone Good for Love?

Moreover, the Moonstone has a great history when it comes to love and romance. Known to represent the phases of the moon, this crystal reminds us of the patience one must hold on the journey of love. It brings forward the energy of new beginnings in life and brings luck to lovers as it is known to restore love and tranquillity when it comes to partnerships.

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