The Minimalist, Hammered 24K Gold Vermeil, 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Updated: Mar 1

Minimalist Necklace for special occasion.

It is good to have a simple but attractive jewelry for all occasions. We have released a group of Hammered Gold and Silver Pendants.

We offer these Necklaces at Etsy "Shokoro Design" and our website "shokoro Handmade".

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Each Part has different hammered texture because it is handmade pendant. Moon Pendant is only available in 925 Sterling Silver and The backside is flat ( not hammered ). The small bar pendant in a middle will be available in silver soon. Please check the list for availability.

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Please Measure Around Your Necklace First.

I added the necklace length and model neck size (around the neck) for more information that I could provide to my customer to chose right length. I recommend my customer to measure neck before placing their order .

Last Year, Few customers had a problem with the length of necklace which they picked. I want my customer happy with my work. so I have though what I could do this for. then, I decided to add more information.

Mystic Moon Hammered Necklace

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One of shokoro's highlights is that we offer many choices for customer. With this gorgeous Necklaces, We offer 14K Gold Filled Cable Chain and Gold Filled Drawn Cable ( Paper Clip ) Chain.

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Good to Have One

Extender Chain

Attachable/detachable extender is ideal to add onto your necklace purchase. Most of Shokoro's customer who purchase necklace as gift add an

14K Gold filled/ Rose Gold filled / 925 Sterling Silver


Handmade Hammered Pendant

Curbed Bar Necklace

( 53mm x 20mm )

925 Sterling Silver Curbed Bar Necklace

24K Gold Vermeil V Chevron Necklace

V Chevron Necklace

( 50mm x 20mm )

Small Bar Necklace

( 25mm x 2.5mm )


Other Minimalist Necklace

24K Gold Vermeil/925 Sterling Silver/Rose Gold

Triple Circle Half Hammered Necklace

Blog about this Necklace:

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At Shokoro

Shokoro offer different styles of Jewelry, Minimalist, Celestial Moon Sun, Star, Vermeil, Evil Eye, Gemstone, Initials and more, Add-on Extender Chains and Pretty Gift Wrapping is also available.

Most of Jewelry come in a Jewelry Box, plus Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth


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Pretty gift wrappings.

Necklace Length Guide

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