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Extender Chain, Charm Extender

Jewelry Extender Chain is great choice to add to your Necklace, Bracelet and Anklet. It make your jewelry more special. I introduce my Extenders with Charm which is one of my shop's highlight to offer one of a kind little beauty

Simple but Pretty and Different

Curb Chain with *PRECIOSA Rhinestone 3mm Clear Crystal or Peach Crystal, *Bezel has Gold and Silver colour. Chain is Curb Chain which typical for Extender. It looks different that Silver Chain goes with Gold Bezel and It is simply beautiful If Silver chain goes to Silver Bezel and Clear Crystal. You have quite a several option. Length: 1.75 Inches, 2.25", 2.75", 4" and 5".

*Diamond Shape Special Chain Long Extender

Diamond Shape Special Chain with *PRECIOSA Rhinestone 4mm Clear / Peach Crystal with Gold / Silver Bezel. Available in Gold and Silver Chain. This is 5" or 5.25" Long Necklace Extender Chain with 4mm Rhinestone which is bigger than other extender variation.

I offer 2 styles:

1. Diamond Chain goes straight from top to the end, 5"

2. There are two ring between The Chain, 5.25"

This is good for Party, Wedding , Valentin's Day and Special occasion.

Gold Chain: K16GP

Silver Chain: Blend of White Gold, Gold and Rhodium

The Photo Below is Another Variety of Diamond Chain. I offer 1.5 Inches, 2"', 2.5" and 3".2.5 " is little shorter than the size because the Chain has pattern and I want to make looks pretty.

Special Gold Chain with Carrot Shape Charm

Special Designed Gold Chain with Little Carrot Shape Gold Charm. Available in 5cm, 7cm and 9cm

PRECIOSA: *Sparkling Clear Crystal Rhinestone is manufactured in Czech Republic. PRECIOSA is a leading international glass manufacturer. They have dedicated for glassmaking through creative ideas, colour and their brilliant glass and crystal components for decade. They design one-of-a-kind, chandeliers and elegant jewellery. People in over 140 countries worldwide admire their work. They create excellent sparkling crystal glass with their own technic.

Bezel, Diamond Shape Chainand Carrot Charm: Bezel and Diamond Shape are manufactured facility where the all product are highly inspected before going to market. This Japanese company has dedicated to create high quality but with reasonable price setting for customer. They make their own blend of Metal for their product. It is tested durability as well. Silver Colour is not super Shiny like 925 Sterling Silver but Shinier than regular Rhodium as They are Blended other metals.


At Shokoro

Shokoro offer different styles of Jewelry, Minimalist, Celestial Moon Sun, Star, Vermeil, Evil Eye, Gemstone, Initials and more, Add-on Extender Chains and Pretty Gift Wrapping is also available.

Most of Jewelry come in a Jewelry Box, plus Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth


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