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What is the gemstone for December?

December Birthstone

Turquoise and Tanzanite

The last month of the year, December, is a very significant one. It holds the importance of ending and evaluating the whole cycle of the months before and holding out hope for another year. For those born in December, Turquoise and Tanzanite are their official birthstones. This includes specifically Sagittarius and Capricorn people.


Prized Possession of Nature

First, let's talk about turquoise. This gemstone is found in the colours of robin’s egg blue, sky blue or sometimes ocean blue gemstone other than its title. This green-blue stone has always been a prized possession among many cultures throughout history. Not only is it the national gem of Tibet but it is known worldwide for holding properties of good health, fortune and protection. This stone is opaque with often spider web veins forming on it showing rock structure.

Powerful History of Protection & Healing

In Native American legends, it says that turquoise was created, from the tears of joy of people when they celebrated the return of rain after times of strict drought. Their joyful tears, with the rain, fell to the ground, to later create the beautiful stone. Sacred to the Native American tribes, this gemstone was used as a medium of exchange for ceremonial purposes and its spiritual properties of healing. Turquoise was even added to the ends of their bows, firearms, and arrows, believing that this magically increased their accuracy.

In Persia, this gemstone was regarded as a powerful amulet against the influence of the evil eye. It was also thought to protect one from accidents and misdirection while riding a horse, so it was put on saddles and bridles. The English name Turquoise is derived from the French term "Pierre torques", which translates as "Turkish stone", which traces the origin of this stone from Turkey to Europe. Importing this stone also brought the same belief and tradition of decorating their horse’s bridle with this gemstone to offer safety while riding.

The Stone of Self Acceptance

More than this Turquoise connects to your throat chakra offering support in all kinds of communication, speaking your truth, expressing your needs and sharing your precious individual self. From ancient times till now, it offers a protective barrier that protects your serenity.

This crystal is also known for bringing self-compassion into your life, allowing you the patience and serenity to integrate all of your parts whether they be lost or wounded. It creates self-acceptance with a generosity of spirit, which allows one to hold space for themselves and others. Connected strongly to mother earth, this crystal can be programmed to fit your personal needs of wellness and health. Ancient Egyptians called it” mefkat” which means joy.


Rarer Than Diamonds

Tanzanite is the other official gemstone for December. This crystal, though a newcomer to the market in comparison to other crystals, is considered to be very rare as it can only be mined from this one place on earth, near majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. This crystal is forecasted to run out soon geologists as its source is finite, and not found anywhere else on the planet.

The Flame of Colors

Mistaken for a sapphire originally, this crystal was originally first identified iN 1967 by Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu. Unlike sapphire, this crystal is translucent and pleochroic. This means this crystal shifts in colour when the stone is viewed from different angles and with different light. This offers it a fascinating colour range from violet blue to bluish violet to purple, often called the purple flame.

This stone is considered to be a variety of the mineral, Zoisite. Known to be highly vibrational and crystals of transformations. Associated with strengthening all the higher chakras, Tanzanite stimulates the throat chakra, third-eye chakra, and crown chakra.

Connecting Everything Together

A powerful conductor of bringing all of these chakras and connecting them can bring the wearer many benefits. By strengthening our crown chakra, we are allowed to hold the balance in our life as our connection to the source of universal energy is strengthened. This allows us to act from a higher consciousness and reminds us not to be bogged down by the material world. This crystal is also great for psychic work around dreamwork.

With Tanzanite also working on our third eye, it can direct our perception and command. Our awareness of ourselves and how we see the world and relate to it is connected to this chakra. Wearing Tanzanite can help produce more healthy thoughts as our third eye chakra is connected.

Then comes the throat chakra which controls and connects to our expression of ourselves.

Healing and Learning Together In One Go

Tanzanites can allow one to move forward without fear, and trust their intuition, and higher wisdom. It allows for the integration of trusting our beliefs, our philosophy, and our expression of it as all these chakras work in union.

Once together, this can allow for healing for us and an insight into our emotional issues without dwelling on them. For one walking a path of exploring the universe and their own beliefs, this crystal offers the strength and support needed to make this journey.

The Gem For The Higher Self

It holds the property to activate our psychic abilities and vibratory rate, facilitating communication with the higher spiritual dimensions. By bringing forward all the power needed for spiritual exploration this is a stone recommended by crystal healers, for taming the mind and the heart to go together.

This is a great stone to keep for someone going through a crisis as it calms the nervous system and keeps one calm. This makes it great for holding one's immunity during stressful times and as it protects one from the havoc that can affect our body when we go through emotional times.

Together these official birthstones offer the perfect properties for someone who is born in the last month of the year. They not only can increase one's self-compassion and acceptance but also integrate one intuition and connection to their higher self for a fulfilling life.

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