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What Is The Birthstone for May ?

Let's talk about one of be loved precious gemstone with beautiful green colour.

The Lucky Emerald

Adored by people for centuries, Emerald is considered to be one of the luckiest crystals of all time. This green crystal is known to rejuvenate the soul and nourish your life so thoroughly with good energy that it brings forward a flourish of abundance. Emerald is timeless.

Lucky four leaves Clover with vivid green colour c=brings good luck and happiness

Healing To Happiness

Connected to the heart chakra, this crystal brings forward a whole new level of connection with one’s self as its energy strengthens our bond and our ability to love. This love brings forward healing to our wounds and brings a sense of safety to our bodies. It offers regeneration and recovery.

Emotional Wisdom

When the heart feels connected to the body, it is easier to know what you truly want and what brings you joy. Emerald refreshes the vitality of the body and brings forward the energy of abundance that allows us to grow and seek more.

As it opens our hearts, we learn to discern where we put our energy and enjoy life to the fullest in every moment as we learn to be present with ourselves. This energy of emotional clarity clears our mental vision as well.

Successful Love

We must remember that Emerald offers grounding with connection to one’s compassionate and understanding self. This supportive energy allows us to release what is not meant for us, which is why it is great for letting go of unhealthy attachments. This offers us growth in our friendships and romance as it opens the gateway for attracting the love that is true and eternal.

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