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Valentines Heart Gift Wrap, Gift Wrapping with Heart Wooden Button, Gift for Her, Birthday Gift

Handmade Gift Wrap is one of Highlight items of my work. I like to create enough choice so that customer enjoy shopping. Specially during this difficult time, people need to stay home.I want customer enjoy discovering something new. I keep adding Jewelry and Gift Wrapping product which make my shop different as well.

This Newest Gift Wrapping with Heart Wooden Button is The great choice for Valentine's Gift, Birthday Gift , Anniversary Gift and more.

Button: Heart Shaped Painted Wooden, Choice of Dark Brown or Pink (Rosy),30mmx25mm

String: Hemp

Box Size

Large: 3.5x3.5X5/8 Inch with a Cotton insert and Handmade Simple card for jewelry hook( Colour may vary) or Foam Insert. This box is ideal for Necklace, Bracelet, Anklet and Earring. Because of 5/8 height, this box does not take the jewelry which has high Height like Ring and some Necklace, Earrings etc... If you will wrap the High Height jewelry Please pick small box. or measure it before purchase( This is outer size.), I pick the best box for adding to your jewelry purchase. For Individual Empty Box Wrapping Set Purchase, I finish wrapping except seal the box. So you just unwrap, put what you want inside, wrap again and Seal it. I already fold the Wrapping Paper so that you can finish wrapping quickly. Very easy to your wrapping done!

Small: 3x2x1 Inch with Black Foam, This is for Ring ,Necklace and Earring

Wrapping Paper:

Solid Matt Paper, 15 colour

Glossy Paper, 8 colour

Japanese Washi Paper with Shiny Silver Flake ( Back Side photo is with This Washi Paper.)

Kraft Paper

Other Wrapping Selections

Holiday Gift Wrap with Christmas Tree Wooden Button

Washi Paper Gift Wrap

Floral Gift Wrap

Christmas Tree Wooden Button with Glossy Paper

Original Tissue Paper Wrap

I offer 2 Wrapping Styles for some Wrapping products. Regular Japanese Wrapping and Pocket Wrapping .

Please enjoy shopping and make your own special purchase.


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