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March Birthstone: What does Aquamarine Stone Mean ?

It is time to talk about Aquamarine Crystal, Meaning, Properties and Power of Aqua Blue Gemstone.

Aquamarine is a semi-precious gemstone. It has a greenish-blue to pale blue colour, similar to the deep blue sea. The stone gets its name from two words: 'Aqua' and 'Marine'. Together it means 'sea water' or 'color of the sea. It has a serene and soothing effect, as implied by the name. The effect is the same as sitting by the ocean and hearing the sounds of the waves. The stone is associated with youth and happiness. Aquamarine gemstone has lots of advantages. Let's delve a little deeper into its magical powers.

Aquamarine colour and pink sand photo at Caribbean Beach

Meaning and Uses

Many people are curious about the astrological advantages of aquamarine gemstone because it has long been used as an astrological talisman. When carried or worn as jewelry, aquamarine has a number of potent qualities that can be advantageous to your birth chart, including the power to assist you in attracting good luck, and financial abundance, and protecting you from misfortune and negative energy.

The aquamarine crystal is useful for many types of healing. It shields your energy flow and provides physical defense in combat and at sea. The stone is reputed to calm an overly active mind, help you sort through information and energy, and even help you become more intellectual.

The stone has a meaning that emphasizes hope and joy so that light it exudes encourages us to be more understanding and less critical of others. In feng shui, the color aquamarine is also associated with the wood element, which can support our efforts to develop love, kindness, and empathy. Like the moon, it has a gentle, flowing zen energy.

The aquamarine's balancing qualities can enhance the chakras' alignment. It can enhance communication because of its unique relationship to the throat chakra. Another advantage of aquamarine crystals is that they help us reach deeper levels of consciousness and attach us to our higher selves, making them excellent meditation aids.

The Women open her arms to absorb energy from Sun

How to absorb the stone’s energy

Physical weight has long been known to reduce anxious feelings by anchoring us in the real world. Even when your emotions run high, wearing a heavy Aquamarine rock can help you to feel "grounded."

Aquamarine is not only extremely useful (and stunning) as jewelry but it can also be used as a protective amulet in your space.

It should be placed in areas of your home where you feel there is an emotional disturbance. Most people keep it in their new homes to feel at ease If someone has a communication problem with their partner, they should keep the stone in their bedroom. If your child lacks communication, it can help them relax and be more open.

It would be best to wear aquamarine close to the throat, either as a choker or as a delicate necklace that sits high up on your collarbones, if you're using it for your throat chakra. This is an excellent way to harness its power.

Carrying a small bit of aquamarine in your suitcase is highly recommended whether you're flying or taking a ship because it is the gem of the ocean and the sky.

Aquamarine Crystal Pendant in silver

Who can wear aquamarine?

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family and is the birthstone for March. It is associated with the planet Saturn, and astrologers recommend the precious stone to people who have a weak Saturn and want to improve their emotional and financial well-being. It possesses some divine qualities that have an impact on a person's horoscope. It is the perfect gemstone for Capricorn and Aquarius, according to Indian astrology. It is suggested for the Aries sun sign in western astrology.

Additionally, the birthstone aquamarine is associated with the Pisces zodiac sign. This gemstone is thought to stabilise a person's life and balance their chakras. Wearing this stone will help Virgo, Taurus, and Gemini improve their lives and end all conflicts in their marriages. There is a process for wearing aquamarine, and it is advised to do so after consulting with an astrologer.

Although anyone who feels attracted to the crystal can use it to improve their life. There is simply no way that you might be "less deserving" of Aquamarine's gifts than anyone else because it does not make distinctions like other crystals do. If you're willing to receive, they are all available to you.

How best to use aquamarine

It is best to use aquamarine stones in jewellery that is worn close to the skin, like pendants, rings, or anklets.

In this manner, the energy of the stone can directly connect to the vibrations of your body and wrap you in its nourishing and shielding energy.

It will be as simple to activate Aquamarine's potent yet soft metaphysical properties as

And maintaining that image, your emotions will spread out like waves on the surface of the water, and the secrets underneath that surface will swarm over to support you.

If you responsibly welcome Aquamarine into your life, even your most intense and aggressive emotions can be easily calmed and slowly cleansed out of your body before they can fester and cause damage.

Cleansing and charging the crystal

You can also charge your crystal to make it more powerful. They can take the energy of their surroundings and need charging to be more impactful. There are several ways to cleanse and charge aquamarine crystals. Here are some tips to help you get started: Since aquamarine is linked with the moon, you can place it somewhere overnight where it can absorb the moonlight.

You can smudge your stone with a cleansing herb, such as palo santo. Stand near the sunlight seeping through your room’s window and place your crystal into your palm. Now you can close your eyes and envision all the negative energies flying away from you. You may also soak your aquamarine in saltwater for a few hours or even overnight. This can be a good way to cleanse the gemstone, given its attachment to water. Whatever you intend to use it for, keep your intentions pure and manifest the healing powers to bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to your life.

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