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March Birthstone Aquamarine

Angel Stone, The Symbol of Happiness and Beauty, Bring Happy Marriage

Peaceful Blue Stone, Transparent Ocean Blue Stone

Aquamarine is well-known March Birthstone. The Pure Healing Energy makes you calm and relax as If you are in the ocean. It releases stress. Aquamarine supports your communication skill and makes calm and gentle your surroundings. Aquamarine harmonizes people who are confused communication and relationship. It is talisman stone for Sailer as it has deep relationship with the Sea. It protects from accident during travel.

Hardness: 7.5-8 ( Diamond 10 )

Major Production (Country): Mozambique in Africa, Russia (Ural region), Nigeria, Madagascar, Pakistan and India.

Aquamarine at Shokoro

Genuine Natural Gemstone Aquamarine Dangle Earrings

Genuine Natural Gemstone Dangle Earrings

From left: Amethyst (February Birthstone), Aquamarine ( March Birthstone), Strawberry Quartz and Labradorite.

Other Gemstone: White Moonstone and Black Spinel (faceted)

Gemstone Grade:

Amethyst- 5A


Strawberry Quartz-7A

White Moonstone-5A

Black Spinel-4A

It took long time to find the supplier which provide good quality gemstone and I could trust. I have ordered to many shops around the world to find what I want. It took more than one year to start gemstone work for my shop. I keep looking to find good gemstone for my customer. Always check One by One.

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