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Initial Ring for Princess! Eye Catching Date Jewelry

Pretty Little Initials with Clear Crystal Cubic Zirconia Stone Charm and Dangle Chain.

This is one of a kind Pretty Ring at Shokoro Handmade and Etsy Store Shokoro Design. It is hard to find pretty design like princess is wearing. Available in Gold and Silver.

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Each Letter has one Diamond Cut Clear Crystal Cubic Zirconia. Available in Gold and Silver.

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A, H, J, K, M, N, R, S, T, Y (Available Letter)

You do not see your initial?

We offer another charm.

Diamond and Tear drop as charm. This style is pretty too !

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Gold: K16GP Brass

Silver; Mix of Rhodium and White Gold Plated Brass

Letter Size

From 4 to 6mm x 6 to 7mm depends on the initial (not included loop)

These Initial Letter Charm are Highly inspected and tested for durability at the facility in Japan. Please Check my Blog "Originality, Creativity and Inspiration" for more information.

Personalized Gift make the Event more special, It is wonderful choice for everybody. This Diamond Cut Cubic Zirconia twinkles at angles. It is very pretty to wear for Bridal, Party and other formal Event. Why not? Gift yourself !

You still want initial ring ? This ring is for you.

Swarovski Birthstone and Initial Ring

This is adjustable and Gold and Silver are available wow!

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Most of our Jewelry come in a Jewelry Box, plus Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth


Add- on Gift Wrapping : Great choice for gift, Why not? gift yourself

Gift Wrapping : Quite a lot of selection of paper, Solid Matte and Glossy material with many colour choice, Kraft Paper and Washi Paper.

Please Check my Blog for Gift Wrapping.

Thank you very much for Visiting Shokoro!


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