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Adjustable Rope Ring gives you more choice to enjoy wearing. You do not need to worry about what If it will fit your finger or not. Swarovski Crystal as birthstone, Dangling Initial is eye-catching highlight of this ring. Gold and Silver are available too.

Personalized Rings for women

Gold: 16K gold plated and very shiny

Silver: Mixture of Rhodium and White Gold ( It looks shiner than only rhodium content. )

Attractive Dangling Initials, Personalized ring Canada

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Shokoro offer different styles of Jewelry, Minimalist, Celestial Moon Sun, Star, Vermeil, Evil Eye, Gemstone, Initials and more, Add-on Extender Chains and Pretty Gift Wrapping is also available.

Most of Jewelry come in a Jewelry Box, plus Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth


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