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Amethyst, February Birthstone, Noble Purple Quartz

Protect "True Love"

One of Noble Gemstone, Amethyst is the one of beautiful Quartz which has Lavender purple, violet, and Dark Purple colour.

Geographic Origin: Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul) and Uruguay are major production areas. Amethyst is produced in India, South Africa, Mexico, Sri Lanka,Madagascar, Russia, the United States, etc...

The Beautiful Purple Colour which Amethyst has fades with sunlight, It must be avoided from Sunlight to keep the original colour.

Hardness: Amethyst has Hardness of 7. Diamond is 10, Sapphire is 9. Amethyst is not really soft gemstone but all gemstone need gentle care. Some of gemstone must be avoided from water and Sunlight.

The Energy: Here is interesting part for everybody who love Gemstone. " The guardian stone of Love", one of the gemstones with spiritual power to heal body and calm your mind. Give positive healing for people who have a broken heart and Negative thought, Amethyst lead you to keep peace of mind. It purifies negative Energy. Give you Hope. It is recommended for people who want peaceful sleep. To put Amethyst next to your bed bring a good sleep.It is said that Amethyst has the energy to enhance inspiration, intuition, increase your creativity, Amethyst, One of Chakra stone helps you in meditation and in developing channeling and psychic abilities.

Amethyst, February Birthstone, Natural Amethyst Gemstone 5A Grade, Amethyst Dangle Earring

From Left: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Strawberry Pink Quartz and Labradorite

Natural Gemstone Pear Shape Gold Necklace

From Left : Clear Crystal Quartz, Amazonite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz

I love to work with gemstone. This is one of my favourite. I will add more gemstone jewelry in the future. Please come back to check it.


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