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Handmade Pottery, Pretty Tea Pot, Support Local, Oh! Canada(1)

I love to purchase handmade items. I purchase them from Etsy, Local Store, Online Shop etc.. I share my lovely pottery today.

This is handmade pottery

15 Queen St. E, Cambridge ( Downtown Hespeler ) Ontario

ph: 519.260.2520

Store Hours Tuesday - Saturday 11 - 5

Sun, Mon Closed

I had been using a different design which called trailing lily but it was time to buy new one. This design is called summer garden and I purchased afternoon tea pot which is the biggest size of pot. They carry wide range of design and size as they are special tea wear store.

I also purchased tea cup wit saucer in same design. These are very pretty. I highly recommend these items.

They have many types of cups, Bistro Mug, Bubble Mug, Tea Cup and more. They sell tea leaves, tea bag rest and more and more.

When I am working on Shokoro Handmade, This sets are always next to me. I love herbal tea. Berry mix and Citrus mix are my favorite. What is yours?

Look! How pretty these are.

This is 28cm Dinner Plate Poppy meadow pattern. They carry many design and size for plate and serving platter too.

I make a salad plate with organic vegetable from local farmer's market. Evergreen Brick Works and Stop's Farmer's Market.

Both Markets are located in GTA Down Town Toronto. There are many farmer's markets in Summer time but These two are open through the year. From Spring to until fall, The Farmer's markets have so many fresh vegetables. Vegetables and Fruits changes every month and week. I love to see the changing. You will find rare fresh ginger root with stems If you are lucky. It can be eaten without cook. I usually slice thin and cut like strings. sprinkles over salad.

Fresh Organic Vegetables: Mizuna Mustard Green, Red Radish Moss Curl Parsley Hemp Heart. Chick Pea and Sumer Berry Mix Tea


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