Shokoro Origin

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

All started here

I grew up in craftsman family in Japan: Sawing operator, Carpenter, Teacher of learning KIMONO making school, and more in our relative. The life surrounding by professional tools made my experience special. Guess What Happened ? My mouth was fully open when I cut myself because the sew was super sharp. I did not know my mother's sawing machine was super fast until I had sawing class at junior high school. I loved to watch while My mother was cutting live fish on a cutting board. I remember that some of fish scales got dry on my skin after that. Now, I think that the experience we had in our past affect to our future even without realize. I became Chef "ITAMAE". Japanese Chef community has been changed a lot but When I became Chef, It was not easy for women to survive. My passion supported to improve and survive in the world. I moved to Canada more than 10 years ago. I have appeared in news press about Japanese Female Chef. It was nice experience to inform one of Japanese culture.

Why are Toronto's sushi chefs almost all male?

By Jennifer BainTravel Editor