Shokoro Matter, Here comes Shokoro

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

There are many way to choose "Name" : for Business, your first name, Brand , Product, Art Work etc... In Japan、Some people go to see a fortuneteller to pick possible name which good for their new born baby. It was popular before. Now? Yes, Everything is online. Many site offer naming, and give information about which name is popular now and Ranking,


3 Japanese Writing System: Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana

Do you think that It's difficult ? Kind of,

漢字(Kanji): the adopted logo-graphic Chinese characters

List of Country which use:

  • Japan and Korea: Mix of Kanji and other writing ( It is not popular to use Kanji in Korea now. )

  • China: Simplified Chinese Character

  • Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (Macao or Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China): use both Simplified and Traditional Character

Vietnam, Mongolia and North Korea used Kanji as official language before, but not anymore.

Evolution of Pictogram

It's easier to understand Kanji from the pictures.

木: tree - 森: forest

It comes with complicated letter. It has root symbol ( Busyu "Hen")  

Example: 日 Sun (Hen) + 月Moon = 明

明 + るい ( Hiragana) = 明るい (Bright)

明 + 日 = 明日 (Tomorrow)

As you see every Kanji letter has meaning. When Japanese people pick the name for their children, They consider the meaning of Kanji.

ひらがな ( Hiragana: smooth line ) and カタカナ (Katakana: straight line with angle) Japanese syllabic scripts

Example: あ and ア, They are both pronounced same. but the use is different, it's depends on the word. If the origin of the word is English. it is usually written by Katakana.

Like any other language, there are so many rules and exceptions.


Shokoro, Finally

Shokoro has begun with my passion for hand made and creativity. Shokoro was named to put Kokoro (心) and Shoko my name together. Kokoro (心) means Mind, Soul and Heart in Japanese. There are many high skilled hand craftsmen in Japan. They put their passion into their work. I love the spirit. I named Shokoro so that I put my passion into my work everyday.