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Shokoro Design at Etsy

Etsy Store Shokoro Design

Etsy is the one of market places where most of handmade crafters sell their special product. You will find one of a kind item. It is fun to explore many stores and handmade goods. You also find craft supplies from huge selections. Shokoro Design

At Etsy Store "Shokoro Design" I sell my handmade jewelry, gift wrapping plus gift box. It has pretty much most kind of material, Gold, Silver and Gemstone. Necklace, Ring and Earrings are available now. I usualy post new product every month. I do not accept return and exchange but I will do my best for my customer If something makes them unhappy. Please let me know If you have this kind of experience from my shop. My Goal is that to share happiness with you. I focus on not only the main product but also wrapping, packaging and some information for my customer. Finish my order, one by one with my heart. I believe that It is same as cooking which is one of my field. All ingredient must cooperate each other for the best dish to reach customer satisfaction. The customer reviews bottom make me put more effort and passion on my work. Thank you very much Krysten and Katherine.

Thank you very much for The Review

5 out of 5 stars 09 Feb 2021

Lovely packaging! Great quality paper wrapping, cardboard box, and heart/string wrap. The paper wrapping is well creased to rewrap your gift!

5 out of 5 stars 02 Feb 2021 This sun pendant is beautiful! I love it! It was wrapped with such care. Shoko was so helpful answering my questions. I would definitely order from Shokoro Designs again. Thank you Shoko! :)


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