Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Event of the day before the beginning of spring in Japanese old calendar

Setubun 'seasonal division' the day just before the first day of spring in the traditional calendar.

Ritshun (立春): The first day of spring in the old calendar. Both Setsubun and Risshun are in Annual Spring Festival in Japan. The festival is for put bad fortunes and evil spirits away and bring Good Fortunes and Natural pure spirits to people. Every City, Prefecture and Area have slightly different way to celebrate Spring.

Event of Setsubun: Mamemaki means "Scattering Beans" for driving evil spirit away. In Family event, Father (usually) wears Evil Face mask which is made from paper. and Children throw the Beans to Evil Man. The beans are roasted soy beans. People count the roasted soy beans with their age. If you are 45 years old, You have to eat 45 pieces.

Sticked Grilled Iwashi (Sardine) head talisman with holly tree branch

There is another thing to do for the event. to put this Sardine head holly tree branch at the entrance of house to send evil spirit away from house. I saw there ware no sardine heads next morning because my cats ate them.

Futo Maki and Annual Direction

People also munch the whole Futo Maki (one of Japanese traditional big sushi roll), It must be eaten without cut. There is a direction where people face to during the earring time. I remember that I usual stood up and ate futomaki. It is quite much enough to finish big roll for small kids. I remember that I could not finish it. Anyway for kids, Having the day of Setubun is very fun.

There are many annual event in Japan.It makes living and visiting Japan fun.I never been there but there is a knife festival in Sakai City, Osaka. The event for selling home using knife and special chef knife.The even gives craftsman to have the opportunity to sell handmade knife, scissors, nail clipper, etc.. It sounds dangerous, but you imagine how japan is safe to have that king of event. I will introduce more events when each even time comes.