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Pizza Toast for Breakfast or Brunch

Here is famous Japanese Pizza Toast.

You could guess what is Pizza Toast, could you ? Yes, It is used slice of bread instead of Pizza dough.

There are many size difference among country about food. I believe that not only food. One of them is slice of bread. In Japan, size of bread is bigger ( approximate 1.5 big or more ) than North America. there are some different- sized bread in North America. So I use wider bread which take more food on it.

The photo is one of Pizza Bread for my Brunch. I like simple ingredient myself.


  • Slice of Bread- Rudolph's Bavarian Rye Bread, There are multigrain, caraway etc..

  • Pizza Sauce or Tomato Sauce: I usually make myself but If I am busy I just buy some Pasta Sauce or Pizza Sauce.

  • Slice of Fresh Tomato: I usually use Beefsteak for this.

  • Spinach: I always steam because the nutrition does not much run out from spinich like boiled one.

  • Cheese: any cheese you like plus I grate Parmesan cheese.

Additional Ingredient option: chopped onion, sliced pepper, bacon, egg, salame Oh so many choice.

Think about the Pizza shop or Subway Sandwitch, You can copy them If you have difficulty to pick the ingredient.

I use a Toaster or Oven just use toast button. Every machine is different so I recommend you to figure out for your toaster.

I toast a slice of bread a little bit at first, because I like the side on which food is crispier. then, put on all ingredient, and toast again.

This is very easy, fast and delicious Meal. Even Snack.


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