Originality, Creativity and Inspiration

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

How I come up with my idea? I am not sure about it. It"s came from inside of me. I always keep searching something for not only my work but also my Creativity and Inspiration.


How I pick jewelry parts for Shokoro ?

  • When I searching, It is not really looking for. I relax myself and go online surfing and my Inspiration and its friends are coming to have fun.

  • When Something catch me. I pick few items which the shop has and place order as sample product. I also go to their website and get information about their product management, goal, effort, creativity, originality, etc...

  • It comes to online business, Communication is another important way to pick the supplier. How much relevant information they give ? How they approach ? How much they are willing to help?

  • Check real product and see how they care the product. means How they pack and ship.


Introduce the way one of my supplier manage their product.

Most of Shokoro's parts are from Japan. I order from different supplier which I trust.

"One By One" Carefully, with Hands

1. Inspecting and Sorting: Pick the parts which is only passed their standard.

2. Polish: "One By One" with cloth and blush

3. Counting and Packing: They count many times and pack very nicely , Perfect!

4. Shipping

5. At Shokoro

Inspect and Polish Again !

Add Originality, Creativity and Love

Initial Charm Ring

Extender chain

Charm Ring

Energy Stone Earring

Thank you very much for all supplier for hard work and passion for their product.