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Introduction to Japan

Japan (Nihon, Nippon, 日本): The Island Country, Located in the northwest Pacific Ocean.


Japan has 4 Seasons: 春Haru, 夏Natsu, 秋Aki, 冬Fuyu ( Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). This makes Japan special place to travel If you like to visit traditional place like temple, castle, shrine. There must be nature around the place. It has different look every season. I love to visit Kyoto in Autumn. There are so many tourist in Kyoto but there are many hidden peaceful places. fresh clean air, sound of nature, beautiful Natural colour.

  • Spring: Famous Cherry Blossom in the Beginning of April.

  • Summer: Very humid and hot, good for camping, hiking outdoor activity, visit amusement park (Tokyo Disney Land: It is not actually in Tokyo. It is in Chiba.) ( USJ: Universal Studio Japan In Osaka. It is very convenient to visit from downtown,)

  • Autumun: Momiji Leaf turns into Red as same as Other trees. It is getting chilly at night but it is perfect to stay in hot spring to watch light-up Momiji Tree and other Nature. The moon definitely join the scene.

  • Winter: some of areas are covered with snow.

  • Rainny Season (Tsuyu 梅雨) from June to July, It's depends on place because Japan Island is long.

Specialty Product

47 Every prefecture has its specialty product. like Maple Syrup of Canada,

I remember thatI have to remember the product and history like root for exam when I was Grade 4 or 5. I knew that it is quite interesting because the specialty product is connected to its history, weather and geography.


Because of Island sorrounded by sea, Mt.Fuji:( Active stratovolcano ), Mt. Aso ( active volcano ) has Typhoon season. Japan has Natural Disaster: Earthquake, Tsunami, Water Flood, Avalanche.

Public Manner

Learn through entire childhood event, It is very strict to follow the manner

Has to be or Has to

  • punctual

  • keep public sharing place clean

  • behave yourself in public

  • follow the rule

Japanese people tend to be humble and patient because at first we need to cooperate each other. See what other people need.

From Other View

Like any other things, Japanese stereo type personality is considerable when it comes to public speech. Famous saying " You can say No! Yes, You can" Japanese people tend to keep their opinion and feeling inside unless there is no suitable opportunity. but If you have to say No, you can say no definitely. It says that you can speak up. Do not say Sorry if you do not do anything wrong.

I will post more about Japan( Culture, food, event etc..) Please come back to check my blog.


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