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Initial Necklace, Large Size Initial Pendant

Simple Large Size Initial Necklace for Minimalist, Available in Gold and All Initials from A to Z

Charm, Bail and some of Chain are from Japan where there parts were highly inspected at facility. Please check more fine detail in My Blog "Originality, Creativity and Inspiration"


  • K16GP Brass: Very smooth surface, Shiny Gold Charm

  • SIze: 1"to 1 1/8" (2.5 to 3cm) x 5/8" to 1 1/8 (1.5 to3cm),x 2mm Thick Depends on Initial, Initial- I is the smallest one

  • Bail: Figure 8 Shape K16GP, It's very simple necklace but It has Originality.

  • Chain: Flat Cable, Curb and Ball ( choice of 3 type) All Gold plate Chain. Curb Chain is the heaviest chain.

Future Plan

I will add Gold Filled Chain in the future so that many chain and price choice for customer. It takes time to find the product and supplier which I like.

This Initial Necklace comes with a Simple Kraft box. ( most of my collection come with a simple Kraft Box, Size is either 3 1/3" x 3 1/3" x 5/8 or 3"x 2"x1"

Add- on Gift Wrapping : Great choice for gift, Why not? gift yourself

Eco-Friendly Original Tissue Gift wrapping : Shokoro Original Color and Logo,

Gift Wrapping : Quite a lot of selection of paper, Solid Matte and Glossy material with many color choice, Kraft Paper and Washi Paper.

Please Check my Collection .

Little Beauty ( that I call ): Add-On Little items,

  • Christmas Tree wooden Button: available in Natural( Hand Made ), Dark Brown ( Hand Made ) and Designed color

  • Hand Made Floral Bouquet: Natural Skeleton Leaf and Ornamental Tree, Leaf and Grass


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