Peach Festival (Mo Mo no Sekku), March Japanese Annual Event for Girls

(Mo Mo- Peach, Sekku- period in Japanese)

It must be placed in order. They have their own place to sit. and They are all different.

It presents traditional wedding. Emperor and Empress wear traditional formal cloth and have formal seat which made from TATAMI mat, There is a red carpet as alway. You see diamond shape layer( pink, green and white). It shows diamond cut rice cake which os on stand plate. Many furnitures and dishes are taken to the place where they settle. Other followers are playing music instrument. There is Human operated carrier left bottom( It is quite blur.). It is fun to watch carefully and they are very very fragile.

Japanese have to put them back to the box as soon as the event finish. If they left for a while, the girl in the family would marry late. I remember that I wrapped with tissue paper one by one after the event. Doll is quite heavy as they wear many layers of cloths.

There is special treat which is called HINA- ARARE. It is pea shape and size rice cracker. some of them are pink and Green and others are white like diamond shape rice cake.