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Genuine Natural Gemstone Beads Dangle Earring

"New Arrival" Handmade with Love

Size: 6cm(2 3/8") x 3cm(1 1/8") included Earring Fish hook

Your Choice Variation Stone 6-7mm 2 pieces in each pair

Strawberry Quartz: 7A Grade (6mm): With Closer Look, There are many freckles Which looks Strawberry Fruits. I do not see many Gemstone jewelry with Strawberry Quartz but This Gemstone has very pretty look and one of the Gemstone that I want to work with.

Stone of feminine. Heal both mind and body. Symbol of beauty and hope.Stimulate inspiration and curiosity. It also have powerful energy. Give spice to your life.

Aquamarine: High Quality (6-6.8mm)

Symbol of happy marriage. Has deep relationship with ocean. Protect from accident during travel. Improve communication ability. Bring happiness and has the power of deep healing.

Labradorite: 5A Grade (7mm)

Labradorite enhance intuition,insight and creativity.Remove negative energy and provide great heeling for mental damage. Speak gently the meaning of life and being born to the soul when you seek.

Amethyst; 5A Grade (6mm)

The guardian stone of Love and The stone that protects true love. Amethyst brings a true lover. Spiritual stone which heal, calm and bring peace of mind. support comfortable sleep. It enhances intuition and inspiration.