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Christmas Gift Wrapping, Christmas Deluxe Gift Wrapping

Pretty Christmas Gift Wrapping for who you love. Wrap up Christmas Present for your Holiday Season.

Shokoro offer Stylish Christmas Gift Wrapping for our Pretty Jewelry this year again. There are many paper choices. I believe that you will find your favourite colour. Some of papers are limited amount and our courier will receive huge volume during holiday season. We recommend you to place your order earlier.

Shokoro website and Etsy Shokoro Design offer this pretty Christmas Gift Wrapping and Regular Gift Wrapping. Both of wrapping service come with Jewelry Box, Jewelry Care card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth Packed in a resealable cello bag.

Regular Christmas Gift Wrapping

These are with Gold and Silver or Silver flaked papers.

Paper Colour:

White - ( Available with both Gold/Silver and only silver flakes )

Black - Gold/Silver flakes

Grey - Gold/Silver Flakes

Deluxe Christmas Gift Wrapping

Deluxe Christmas Gift Wrapping comes with pretty fillers. There is no option to pick the filler type. Please leave note for me If you want specific one from the picture below.

Note: My processing time is 1 to 3 days but I usually finish most of orders in a day. When I am working on my business, My priority is to finish orders first. I may start your order few minutes after you placed your order. I recommend you to contact me before place your order or leave a note for me. I usually respond in few hours.

This Deluxe Christmas Gift Wrapping is ideal for the gift which is sent directly to who you love.

Christmas Gift Wrapping with other papers

Shokoro Washi Christmas Gift Wrapping and Floral Gift Wrapping

Shokoro Glossy Paper Christmas Present Wrapping

Shokoro Christmas Tree Shaped Natural Wooden Buttons

Original Gift Wrapping

Original Gift Wrapping: Regular Gift Wrapping, Deluxe Gift Wrapping and Deluxe Gift Package.