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Birthstone Ring, Gemstone Ring, Beauty of Genuine Natural Gemstone

Introduce New released Birthstone Ring with Genuine Natural Gemstone.

This Ring come with our Gemstone Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth. ( It is not in a Jewelry Box. )

All Shokoro's Gemstone products are made to order with Beautiful Natural Gemstone. I try to find the finest Genuine Natural Gemstone beads for my products and create the best Natural Gemstone Jewelry with heart. I purify all Gemstone products before I ship to my customer. Please be friend with them

This is Beaded Birthstone Ring with Genuine Natural Gemstone. Does not matter it is your birthstone or not. These are very beautiful rings. If you like it, Just get it! Each month has different future. Let's get started to introduce Beauty of Gemstone.

Genuine Natural Gemtone Beads ( Size: from 3 to 6.5mm )

January: Garnet, 5A Grade, Mozambican

February: Amethyst, 5A Grade

Amethyst is one of popular Gemstone. It is called "Hope" stone too. This is ring has all Purple Amethyst. ( Lavender Amethyst is pale purple colour.)

March: Aquamarine, Small size - 3A Grade and Clear Light Blue

Beautiful Blue colour. Aquamarine, Aquamarine has close relationship with water. It washes away negative feeling.

April Clear Quartz: 7A Grade, This is very beautiful Clear Crystal. Pink Pearl: This is Pink Shell Pearl and very pretty colour.

As you see the photos very top and this below, 7A Grade Clear crystal is very beautiful. Pink Shell Pearl has very pretty soft pearl pink. ( It is very difficult to find Diamond which is the most popular April Birthstone. I research and think a lot to create attractive Birthstone ring for April. and I reached simple and pretty this design. Clear Crystal is purifier. The Cluster is ideal for ornament at home, Purifying other Gemstone beads, Jewelry etc..

May: Emerald, Colombian

This is Genuine Natural Gemstone, Each Gemstone Bead has different face. Emerald is the one which has different each pieces.

As you see the photo below. Each bead has different face and all beads are beautiful.

June: White Moonstone, 5A Grade

This is another popular gemstone. Moonstone has variety of colour: White, Orange, Grey, Blue Flash etc... This white moonstone has very gentle milky white.

Shokoro's Top Selling Starry Moon Necklace with or without Moonstone

Available at our Website Shokoro Handmade and Etsy shop Shokoro Design

Starry Moon Necklace with Gemstone: From top-Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Purple Garnet, Aquamarine and Lapis Lazuli.

Now Available at All Shokoro's Shops. "From Earth by Shokoro too !"

July: Ruby 3A Grade

August: Peridot

September: Sapphire, Small size beads are faceted.

October: Black Tourmaline

November: Blue Topaz, Big size ( middle) is African. Both sizes are faceted and 3A Grade

December: Turquoise

3A Clear Crystal beads for size adjustment

Opelon Stretch Fiber

This string is made of many small strings (Fibre). It has durability. (You will not have the experience of picking up all beads scattered on the floor.) I use small amount of glue to secure the knot.


Silver colour Rhinestones are embedded around a rondelle which makes this ring very pretty and attractive.

Be Friend of Gemstone Bracelet

Natural stones are very sensitive. It may break If it is dropped. Gentle care is required. Please avoid: water, force to stretch out, drop, hit


At Shokoro

Shokoro offer different styles of Jewelry, Minimalist, Celestial Moon Sun, Star, Vermeil, Evil Eye, Gemstone, Initials and more, Add-on Extender Chains and Pretty Gift Wrapping is also available.

Most of Jewelry come in a Jewelry Box, plus Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth


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Pretty gift wrappings.

Necklace Length Guide

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