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Baking Time for Holiday!!

Baking is always fun.

I remember that I really enjoyed learning Baking and Pastry at culinary school "George Brown School". I took a continuing education course there. In the class, There are many people who just love baking and come to learn more. some of them are already in food industry but the course allow people who do not have experience in the food industry to have sweet experience. I really had fun to learn and share experience with others. I like to share and talk about different food. Food history is in the culture. Toronto has multi population and I have met many people who have different background. It is one of my favorite to live in Toronto.

"Assorted Baked Goods" Good Gift for someone special!

I baked Asian flavour baked goods for one of my customers. She loves to have something which she could not buy in our city. It was her request to bake Asian flavoured sweets.

The List of Baked Goods :

Almond Sesame Cookie

Tea Biscuits with Yuzu Citrus Jam

Matcha Shortbread Cookie

Yuzu Shortbread Cookie

Roasted Soy Beans Snow Ball Cookie

Matcha Chiffon Cake

Japanese Sweet Potato Caramel Mini Muffin

Yuzu Citrus Rossetto Cookie

Edamame Ginger Crunchy Cookie

It is nice to decorate these baked goods in a wooden box which make baked goods country style look. I added an eco-friendly wooden stencil.

Have a wonderful Holiday!


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