Another One

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

I have become interested in Baking and Pastry. Ok, let's go to school to have fun! It was really fun to learn Baking and Pastry. I really liked the Artisan Bread class. How amazing that we can make bread with very simple ingredient. but it's difficult to bake same quality- bread every time. I remember that one of Japanese Iron Chef " Michiba Rokusaburou"said: We can not make another same "NikuJaga ( one of traditional Japanese dish, stewed meat Onion and potato ) in our life. He added that even we use same pot, gas stove, ingredient from same farmer. Weather, Chef's health condition and so many other factor affect to Cooking. I believe that one of goal in cooking is how Chef could narrow the differences. and Chef love to enjoy cooking themselves.

Nikujaga ( 肉じゃが )  

Right: Rokusaburo Michiba|道場六三郎