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What better way to show off your sense of style than with a moon necklace or with a North Star necklace? Shokoro Design creates celestial jewelry with features like the moon, sun, stars, and Zodiac. My celestial jewelry is minimalist pieces that feature the sun, moon, and stars. You can also add gemstones. You will be sure to find a pretty necklace inspired by nature, the beach, and the sea, as well. I have jewelry that will look great for every occasion.


Pick a celestial necklace with your choice of gemstone, such as a white moonstone from Sri Lanka. I always create my celestial jewelry with high-quality faceted beads. Shokoro offers many types of chains as well.


Whether you choose a moon necklace or a dainty starfish necklace, you’ll be sure to love the quality. My regular cable, drawn cable, and flat cable chains are bright and thin. These necklaces are perfect for any occasion.


Shokoro Handmade is true Japanese craftsmanship from a jewelry maker, crafter, and chef. In other words, you’ll find even more than celestial jewelry on my website. One of my goals is to introduce Japanese culture and craft to my audience around the world.


Another goal is to make celestial jewelry, and more, to help my customers feel good when they wear a pretty necklace that is an extension of their personality. Shokoro began with a passion for creativity and crafting handmade items. My business name came from my name, Shoko, and Kokoro, which means mind, soul, and heart in Japanese.


I want to welcome you to visit my blog to learn more about who I am and what I do. You’ll discover everything from jewelry making and papercraft to energy stonework, macrame, and even delicious Japanese pastries.


Shokoro is my passion for all things creative. Please shop Shokoro Handmade online to find your perfect pretty moon necklace and other celestial jewelry.

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